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Inkless Stretch Mark Revision Treatment

With the use of a tattoo machine and single-use needle, we individually treat each stretch mark with our proprietary blend of vitamins and organic oils to create a serum. This innovative paramedical tattoo technique gets deep down into the dermal skin layer, re-activating the collagen production process of the damaged skin. The skin produces a burst of collagen and elastin to regenerate and rebuild, reducing the signs of stretch marks and scars!

(NOTE) We Do not penetrate deep into the Dermis like a Traditional Tattoo


We are very proud to announce we are adding a new service to help our clients embrace and love their bodies more. Inkless stretch-marks is a non-invasive skin treatment that helps the skin repair w/o using ink being deposited into the skin. During this procedure we deposit a special tattoo serum that helps your skin regenerate. Keep in mind that this procedure does not remove stretch marks 100% but, it minimizes their visibility 10-80%. Results may vary

-Procedure time can take any time from 1-3 hours. Depending on how big the treated area is.
-Healing can takes 6-10 weeks (total of 2 months)




▶️Treatment is done using a tattoo rotary machine, precisely targetting stretchmarks
▶️How it works; Micro injury created by needling triggers the body’s own healing system
▶️Healing process: Varies by individual 6-8 weeks on average, could be shorter or longer.
▶️Right after treatment: normal edema like redness and inflammation, the irritation goes away within a few days.
▶️How many sessions will be needed? - expected 10-80% improvement, depending on stretchmarks.
▶️Contraindication: Immune disorder, diabetes, pregnancy, breastfeeding
▶️Ideal for any stretchmarks

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