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What to Expect:

Please Advise: We do NOT normally go over work, please send a text or email photos of your brows.


For ALL new clients or potential clients who have gone to other artist, please send photos of your brows before booking. This is give us the opportunity to discuss the best appointment option to book.

PLEASE ADVISE: The Healing Process

After your service, the peeling process takes 10 days. Please advise, I would not recommend booking if special events are scheduled or planned due to the healing process. With the most peeling within the first 5-7 days and the least by day 10. It is imperative you limit activities in the sun and do not swim during this time frame. We advise you to schedule your appointment after any special events and 4 weeks before any scheduled events. (i.e. Vacations, work-related events, important dates, etc.)

This question is asked often, Does the $550 come with touch-up? It does not, I distribute enough color and some clients don't need or love their healed results without a 4- week touch-up.

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